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Full Colour Printing

Full Colour Printing also known as Sublimation Printing is a specialist printing method.

Not many ribbon printing companies print ribbon using a full colour print process.
Four Seasons Village are one of these few companies who can print their ribbon in full colour. We can print onto a range of ribbon types in Pantone and full colour processes for example - Polyester Satin, Acetate Satin, Grosgrain, Taffeta & even Cotton & Polycotton
(There are certain limitations to the latter two ribbons)
The pattern to be transferred to the ribbon is initially printed onto a special
paper using sublimation ink which is then overlaid onto the ribbon and passed
through a heat and pressure source - This is the tricky stage as the
temperature, pressure and heat application time have to be precise in order to
obtain a quality print.


  • A full colour image can be transferred onto the ribbon. ie. Photos etc.
  • A wide range of fabrics can be used - Polyester based are best.
  • Can print onto very wide ribbon - Even 300mm +


  • Printing process is quite involved and therefore slower than most other prints.
  • Ribbon does tend to shrink to some degree due to the high temperatures involved.
  • Slightly more expensive than other prints.
  • Colour depth can be limited on certain background colours. ie. dark print on dark ribbon